Inside "The Domes," Where NASA Drives the Spacecraft of the Future

Deep in the belly of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, lie "The Domes." Step into one of them and suddenly you're standing on the surface of Mars, or you're flying high above the Earth, looking out from the International Space Station. This is the Systems Engineering Simulator, where we learned to fly,… » 11/19/14 12:16pm Wednesday 12:16pm

The NASA Playground That Takes Virtual Reality To a Whole New Level

We've seen how NASA recreates the vacuum of space right here on Earth, but what about the gravity of space? What about the forces of inertia? When large objects move and behave so differently, how to you train for a mission so you know what to expect when you get there? Like this. » 11/18/14 2:00pm Tuesday 2:00pm

"If you're a side sleeper, you need a thick pad with lateral baffles (running across your body, from side to side). These provide the level of cushion and support you'll need to keep hips and shoulders off the ground. Longitudinal baffles are the side sleeper's enemy, you tend to get "stuck" in one of the grooves." » 11/14/14 3:03pm 11/14/14 3:03pm

World Premiere: "Sweat On Me" by Flynt Flossy & Turquoise Jeep

Winter is coming. For much of the world, it's already cold, wet, and terrible out there. We need a legit dancehall banger to heat things up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and bodies on this Gizmodo-exclusive world premiere. It's "Sweat On Me," from Flynt Flossy and the crew at Turquoise Jeep Records. » 11/13/14 2:00pm 11/13/14 2:00pm