You Probably Shouldn't Eat This Creepy, Cryogenically "Cooked" Egg

Gizmodo's mad scientist Brent Rose had some super-cold (minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit) cryogenic fluid left over from yesterday's Happy Hour experiment making booze into cryo-spheres. So he did what any mad scientist would do: cracked an egg in it! Watch the weirdness that transpires.

The end result looks like something out of Alien. Brent reports that, after it defrosted, it turned back into a regular, runny, raw egg. Still, I probably wouldn't trust something that looked that creepy, no matter how briefly.

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Cryogenic Fluid vs. Egg

After I finished up testing for yesterday's Happy Hour piece on alcoholic cryo-spheres I did a little experimenting with the leftover fluid. The raw egg yielded the most dramatic results.

For those wondering, the red and blue stuff you see in there are just drops of food coloring I'd put in earlier to see what would happen (they instantly crystalize). The fluid is made of 91-percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol and dry ice. There's more about how it's made made in the article linked above.

Apologies for the video quality. I didn't think it would be this cool so we just shot it with a phone.